Everdearest: First Page

....Continued from Everdearest: A Lonely Morning

Mark Daniel’s heart skipped a beat. Everdearest, he whispered to himself. Wondering to whom the word meant, he continued reading the letter.

Honey, I love you very much. You’re the love of my life. You are everything I have wished for and I couldn’t ask for anything more. Honey, I love you, I love you, I love you!

A smile formed on Mark Daniel’s lips. His heart melted on the sweetness of the words he had just read. Honey? Who does she mean but me? he thought, She still loves me.

Mark Daniel stood up and sat on a chair next to the window. It was an hour before midday and the sky was silken blue. The light on his face was heaven that he felt floating on clouds as he continued reading.

You are the one meant for me. I knew it the first time I laid eyes on you. When you walked into the bank and then right to my direction, I was instantly attracted to you. I felt like a twelve-year-old girl who had seen her crush….

Mark Daniel remembered their first meeting very well. He had been instantly taken aback by the beauty of the lady behind the counter that he stopped short on the doorway. Shaking back his wits, he proceeded to her. She was in-charge of the customers who wanted to open a new account which was exactly his concern. He felt blessed with the chance. It was as if Cupid was hiding somewhere under the tables or behind the walls, his bow and arrows ready. So all the time they were transacting, he disguised his delight with composure.

They were both adult and uncommitted – he was then twenty-seven, she was twenty-four. Both had stable jobs – he as a computer engineer, she as a bank teller. And most fortunately, both were interested with each other. Nothing could be wrong in the situation. It seemed perfect! Hence, he lost no time in dating her, knowing her better, and finally, loving her.

…. The times we were together in the beginning, I was very thrilled. Especially that moment you first kissed me. You have soft lips. I have never known a kiss could be so hypnotizing. Just like the cliché goes, you took my breath away….

Mark Daniel’s smile stretched wider, flattered and elated. He touched his lips with a finger and feeling the chops, he quickly wet them. They were not precisely soft. It made him wonder how well she described the kiss.

Well, that kiss had been followed by many more kisses, and fondles, too. Later, they decided to live together. They shared a flat, bought furnishings, and started life anew.

He finished the rest of the first page. It contained mostly reminiscences of the past, souvenirs of unforgettable moments and postcards of shared love. The images were clear and alive inside his head. Her message was plain – those were the best days in her life and their love was Laila’s greatest treasure. Again, Mark Daniel smiled.

He set the letter aside, went to the kitchen, and drank a glassful of water. His throat was parched, he needed a quench. Like the iced water that refreshed him, the letter filled him with rest and faith in his love for Laila. He had never imagined Laila to be a good writer. Her frequent reading might have developed her that skill. Moreover, she was not outspoken regarding her thoughts and emotions. She had always been the reserved type.

When he went back to the room, he turned on the air-conditioner. The air had become arid and the chill from the fixture relaxed him. He gazed on the window and saw a couple passing on the street, walking hand in hand. Perching on the chair, he began reading the second page.

To be continued....

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