Everdearest: Other Leaf

Continued from Everdearest: First Page

…. Honey, love really doesn’t come easy. It pains me to realize that. Why should there be hard times? Why should lovers struggle? Shouldn’t love be pure joy?....

Mark Daniel sympathized with her. The times they had been together were not always perfect. In the beginning, adjustments had been difficult. As days rolled by, just when they got accustomed to each other’s company, other things became an issue – money, time, decisions and more discoveries.

They were not at all unique from other couples, but analyzing everything, it was not the usual and petty problems that bothered Mark Daniel. It was Laila’s extreme submissiveness, not that he was over-dominant. It was always his decisions in all matters. He was impressed with it at the start; yet later, he thought it was dull and unhealthy. So sometimes, he would stir up trouble to pique her. He would raise his voice and point at her. But then, she would seldom fight back and just remain to be obedient.

…. I know there are imperfections in me. I am not like this, or good at doing this. I may not be the kind of partner you have ever wished for! Despite that, I can give what every other woman can give to her man – and that’s love. I love you, Honey, with all that I am….

I love you, too, Mark Daniel mouthed. He felt a pang of guilt for his doubts and worries about her. Laila had truly loved him and would never succumb to the trying times. Why couldn’t he see that? Why upset? Unintentionally, tears began to settle on the lower lids of his eyes. Looking up, he controlled himself.

“You shouldn’t have written a letter,” he said to the ceiling. “You should have told me instead.” Bending back his head, he resumed reading.

…. It is a difficult situation we are going through now. Like you, I felt out of tracks, as if our relationship will come to an end. That can’t be. I won’t let it happen. We will triumph over this….

Mark Daniel stood up and went back to the edge of the bed. The sunlight was getting more intense that it pricked his skin. Besides, he deemed it more romantic to read the letter on a bed they shared.

…. I am not letting go of you, Honey. I love you and you mean my life to me. I was lonely ‘til the day I found you, or rather, you found me. The world had lost one unhappy soul that very day. Thank you, for you are the love I have waited for. My love, my Honey, my Jonathan….

Mark Daniel jumped to his feet. Jonathan?

To be continued....

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