Since the jeepney going around the campus does not pass by our building, I have to walk some good distance, maybe a five- to ten-minute walk on broken and crowded sidewalks. It must have been the cold late morning, or the greenness around me that I felt kind of overjoyed with my walk. Never mind that I slept late again last night, or I still have several papers to make, or that there are impending exams by March. Nah, I just did not mind them, I was really into my walk.

There walking towards me was a female student. With her blouse and the way it fits her curves, the way she struts and moves her guns, and even with the way her hair is tied in a bundle, she reminded me of a friend back in college. I could not help but smile to myself, and that smile got wider when she passed by me and her scent filtered through my nose. This dog felt like college.

Then, another girl was walking from a distance, and likewise, I was reminded of another friend from college. And under a tree, talking and holding hands were some teen lovers, and some images from before flashed into my head. Then there was this tiny girl with a big backpack, a grey-haired man with his bursting stomach, and a tall thin long-haired guy. They brought reminders from college. And anywhere my eyes swept, it reminded me of my five painstaking, struggling, but crazy, fun and triumphant years in college and the people who colored my life during those days. College was more or less ten years ago, and these reminders filled me with nostalgia. But wait, was it that long ago? Oh no, years had slipped by so quickly.

I then recalled a conversation with my roommates last night. We had been too busy the entire yesterday, doing our reports and assignments, that we wished that time would stand still. That it would freeze for some hours or possibly days so we could finish our tasks. For several moments now, we commented as how fast time is. That February would be ending soon and that next week would be March. That we almost had a full semester in the University. That we only have around three semesters (God willing!) to finish our studies.

All these reminders and realizations just saddened me a bit. Time spent had gone so quickly, making me feel I could have done so much more before. And time ahead seems so short, that it feels like it's not enough to fulfill the things I wish to do and achieve.

My mind could not help but sang these lines, “Time, I’ve been passing time, watching trains go by….” Indeed, time just passes us by, or better, like the cliché goes, time flies….

Wow, time truly flies. And when I looked at my watch… S***, holy cow! I was ten minutes late for my class. Did I just enjoy my walk that much? With my heart beating like King Kong’s, I hurried (did I fly?) to my classroom.

P.S. I was not really late. Class only started around 5 minutes after I arrived. Lucky!

February 26, 2014
6:00 - 6:20 PM

Image courtesy of Black and White Photography.


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