Like Cotton Seeds

These last few days and up until now, it has been raining cotton balls here in the University of the Philippines. What they call here as American cotton trees have seen shooting these balls, covering the green lawn in the Freedom Park with soft whiteness. Even the surrounding willow and acacia trees are covered with them, much like snow coating the pines. These cotton balls each have a seed inside which when lucky to land on good soil and be protected, will grow to become another mighty tree. Here, it is believed that the shower of cotton signify the end of the semester and the celebration of graduation. Indeed, graduation rites in the University will be held days from now.

It would also be my second time to miss the graduation of my students back in General Santos City. Last year, I attended a week-long seminar on mining so I could not make it to the ceremony. This year, I am on leave for studies. How I really wish to see those “kids” receive their diploma and begin their journey to the “more adult” world. It’s like bidding “goodbye” and blessing them with “good luck” in their separate career paths. With all the students who came and went by, most of them have become really successful, having stable jobs or receiving high salaries. Being their mentor, I am proud of them.

Incidentally, I and my friends and classmates back in primary school had found a way to reconnect via Facebook (Oh man, has Facebook become a cult?). With these exciting interactions, we decided to hold our very first reunion by the end of the year. Yup, it will be our first get-together after 16 years! It’s around a decade and a half and I could not remember some of these people. But then, we enjoyed our chit-chats and jokes and reminiscences and chaotic conversations in our Facebook group. Some are already out of the country, some stayed in the Philippines. Some are already married and have children, some are still single (count me in!). Whatever our status now, the joy of reconnecting with one another overwhelmed us. So now, I am truly anticipating our yearend reunion, no matter how plain and simple, or grand and prestigious, it will be.

I guess everyone of us is like the seed blown with the cotton. We grow up and are nurtured together. We fight, make up, love, teach, and learn from one another. When we have become fully mature with our own cotton ball of experience and wisdom, we soar and fly, letting the wind of destiny take us to grounds where we shall thrive and survive. In time, we shall also impart ourselves to others who shall also develop cotton balls of their own.

April 1, 2014
8:30 – 9:00 PM


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