Lights of Home

I had been home for more than 24 hours now. I should have written this piece last night, but too exhausted, I slept the night away and rested the entire day. I had these thoughts running around my head while I was on board on flight 5J 997, bound for General Santos City. So these were my thoughts….

After some 30-minute delay, my plane finally took off from NAIA Terminal 3 in Manila. It was 4:45 and outside, the day was settling into dusk. The man on my right was busy dozing off and the girl beside me was nonchalant (I tried conversing with her but she seemed uninterested). So I just opted for silence for myself.

By and by, we soared high and rose above the darkening clouds. From up high, the view was breathtaking. It was my first night flight and it was my first time to watch such sight. It was truly inspiring. While the world below was dissolving into darkness, the melting sun painted wondrous colors in the sky – pink, yellow, orange, and lilac. It was a random mix of colors, but in the center of things, the sun remained glowing and majestic.

As in life, we take flight in pursuit of things to complete us. This can be a better career, greener pastures, or sweeter love life. For me, it is for personal and professional growth. And in this chase, we experience new things and learn new lessons. Some unexpected, some we yearned for. And in all these things, the dream continues to blaze within us.

Soon, darkness finally enveloped the world and the skies. It was finally night time and I felt the plane began to lose altitude and dive into the clouds. Several times, the captain informed us of turbulence. It was quite frightening as the plane was rocked countless times. I could not help but have some bad thoughts. Worrier that I am, I could not keep myself at peace with the shaking we experienced.

Like in life, we cross rocky roads myriad times. We fell into darkness, down and helpless. For turmoil is inevitable. For struggles are bitter part of life. For to attain glory, one must taste pain.

And no sooner, the turbulence stopped and from afar, the city lights began to appear. We lose more altitude and the lights from General Santos City glowed even brighter, delineating the arch of Sarangani Bay. It was mesmerizing; I smiled. In my heart, the fears dissipated, replaced by excitement and longing for home. Peace settled in me. For I saw the lights of home. Like in times when we feel sad or lonely or burdened, or when life had disappointed us and the dreams gently slipped out of our hands, what can bring us cheer and hope are thoughts of home. Of family and friends. Of the people we loved and lived for. For in the hearts of the people we love, we find peace. We find home.

The plane finally landed and the arid smell of the sweltering night air filled my nostrils. I laughed and said to myself, “I am home.”

December 16, 2013
9:13 – 10:00 PM

Image courtesy of KCRW.


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