The Article: His Submission

....Continued from The Article: A Changed Person

Shortly, the wind became worst. He went inside the house and spent the remainder of the night editing, reconstructing and rewriting his work over another canfuls of beer.

The next day, he visited the publication office in his campus. The article had been neatly put on paper and was now assuredly held in his hands. Summoning his courage, he knocked on the door of the literary room. Immediately, it opened.

“Hello! How can I help you?” a girl said.

To his surprise, William stared into some familiar eyes.

“Oh! A reaction paper?” she asked upon seeing the paper in William’s hands. “I guess my article has stirred up enough trouble in the male population. Anyway, I am Miss Lonely.”

She does not recognize me, he thought to himself, not hearing her words and still gazing at those eyes, though now, they were bright and happy. Slowly, her eyebrow rose and she frowned.

“I’m sorry!” he said, regaining himself. “Ah, I’m just looking for someone.”

“Who could that be? Can –”

“No, thanks!” he cut her, realizing his stupidity. “I… I think I found her.”

He painted a smile, and unexpectedly, she smiled back. “Got to go” was all he could say.

Shakily, he waved a small goodbye and turned around. He trudged his way out of the office. Along the way, he saw a garbage can.

“I guess you’ve already done your purpose,” he said to his article. “Besides, I have practiced long enough.”

With both hands, he crumpled the paper and off it flew into the can. In his heart and mind, William had laid out the sweetest plans.

T.H.E.   E.N.D.

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