Everdearest: A Lonely Morning

Nothing could be nicer than waking up each morning with the one you loved right by your side.

“Laila,” Mark Daniel whispered and reached beside him; he touched no Laila.

He attempted to open his eyes but the sun bright on the window panes only blinded him. Instead, he grabbed Laila’s pillows and hugged them tightly.

“Laila,” he called her name again.

Having no work that day, Mark Daniel stayed lying on the bed for a long time, dreaming of Laila, reminiscing their wonderful moments, then reflecting upon their situations. They had been living for more than a year now – the first ten months being a bliss, the remainder a tacit sadness. Yes, that was his evaluation of their relationship – an outpouring joy in the beginning, then a sorrow so deep and unexplainable. He felt their relationship was gradually dwindling. Though she was not saying anything, he could sense her discontentment in their life together. Oftentimes, he would ask her about it but she would simply answer a smile and say that things were just fine. Just fine. He would then embrace her, feeling her heat but not her warmth anymore. Once, he had thought of letting her go, but he dismissed the thought right away, realizing that it was not the solution to the problem, if indeed there was one. Besides, he could not afford losing her. Her reluctance to discuss matters could not immediately mean she did not love him anymore. It could be the opposite! Or, to put it bluntly, too much love had made him paranoid.

Tired of idling and of being too anxious in the morning, Mark Daniel rose, put on his clothes and devoured some breakfast. It was a good meal, she had prepared it. Despite everything, she had remained functional – cooking the meals, tidying up the apartment and tending his needs. But how he wished she had joined his breakfast! Unlike before, she often woke up too early now; so when he too had risen, she would already be in the bank.

Mark Daniel started his errands for the day but no sooner did he get bored with his activities. Thus, he went back to their room, locked himself up and surveyed the books on the giant shelf. Laila loved reading books, particularly fiction; no wonder, she had a quite large collection. After finishing a book, she would recount the story to him in bed at night, making him feel like a kid again. Yet lately, the readings and story-tellings became too few.

He spotted a thin book, a new paperback he thought, and upon pulling it out, an envelope slipped through its leaves. He replaced the book and bent to pick up the fallen envelope. It contained no designations on the back, and, it was thick.

Mark Daniel sat on the edge of the bed. Opening the letter, he removed three pages of purple stationery, fragrant with lilac which Laila loved so much. The words were scribbled neatly, as if especially written with love and care. Looking at the first page, he was struck by the greeting.


To be continued.... 

Image courtesy of Eco Women.

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