This is one of the rare times (in the last two years or so) when I have nothing good to do but sit in front of my laptop and browse through some zany websites or watch wacky videos. Yes, it is our semestral break and holiday vacation, and almost all school-related things are done. And yes, I am frisking with the World Wide Web when my own network of restless teeny brain cells began taunting me with their outrageous ideas. So in between surfing through multitudes of sites, I started a new blog entry….

It feels like decades had passed since my last blog post so before the scourge of everyday life evaporates my thoughts, I have to write them down…. But nah, I really have nothing to write about but some random things about blah blah and blah…. Yeah, it is shamelessly blah blah blah (*sighs*).

Well, 2016 is about to end and it is a year of ups (downs as well) for me. New years always bring that feeling of renewal and redemption to me. It is something I always look forward to, complete with my what’s-not, where-to, how-should, and to-do lists. Needless to say, it is also a chance to forget the oversights of the previous years and move on from there.

With mistakes, we learn from them. With failures, we become wiser. With heartaches, we grow stronger. Yet, there are things in which forgetting and moving on never come easy. Things that are not easy to get by. Things we cannot simply disregard. Like feelings we are not meant to feel. Or thoughts not supposedly thought of. Or things forbidden to feel and think about….

Like a secret anger.... Like hidden love…. Like well-kept pains…. Like fantasies…..

No matter how much we try to push them away, they will always revisit. More forceful each time. More searing. For these are part of us. Things that define as us a person. Things that will complete us. Things that cheer us.

Mostly, it’s futile to cast such feelings and thoughts away. Better, accept them. Then embrace the anger…. Embrace the love…. Embrace the pains…. Embrace the fantasies….

And just then, my fingers stumble upon an intriguing website. Ugh! Embrace….

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