Everdearest: The Love of Her Life

.... Continued from Everdearest: Other Leaf

…. The days we shared are very special to me. They’re my best memories, like jewels in my mind and music in my heart. I couldn’t help but relive the magic of those moments and relish every sparkling second. I miss you, Honey. The two weeks you’ve been away seems centuries for me. But I’ll patiently wait ‘til you come back in my arms. How I long to be with you again.
How’s the seminar going? Is everything doing well? I hope Japan is now very close to you and that you know her like the back of you palm. How’s the weather? Didn’t you catch cold or something? Oh, please don’t laugh, Doctor. I want you to take care of yourself for me….

The second page ended. Mark Daniel stood motionless, the papers seemed to crumble in his clutch. He knew no Doctor Jonathan. He knew no one going to Japan. But most painfully, it seemed he did not even really know Laila. He flipped the third page, no more reading but only scanning through the words he most feared to see.

…. I’m so lonely without you…. only a month of waiting…. keep myself busy…. I’m afraid…. How can I tell him…. too hard for him…. did not expect…. It simply happened. It’s out of my control…. hurts me…. hope he’d understand…. really afraid…. got to…. I promise…. everything will be settled when you come back…. Plans…. Eat on a…. have vacation…. like you said…. I’ll wait. I miss you, Honey. I love you, I love you, I love you!

                                      Yours ‘til the end,

P.S. I received your letter and package last Thursday. I’ve already finished the book and it’s wonderful. Thanks. I hope my letter will answer how much I love you. I thought of calling you, but hey, letters are romantic. Give Japan my regards.

Mark Daniel was gasping when he finished reading. Disbelieved, he was numb. His heart felt nothing. It simply kept on twisting and turning inside his chest. But he knew there was pain somewhere. The shock and the impossibility must have been too strong that love and anger and dread and pity all dissolved into void.

Gently, he folded the letter and inserted it back inside the envelope. He confronted the shelf which bore the secret and took out the thin book he pulled earlier. Upon opening it, he came across a dedication in the first page, scribbled in pencil and in a writing not familiar to him.

Honey, this book is about a great love in a wrong occasion. Unlike the story, I pray that ours will be a happy ending. I love you with all that I am. Hope you feel the same.

Doc Jon

Mark Daniel replaced the letter and book back in the shelf. Everything was too much to absorb all at once that the void in his heart beckoned to explode. The room was spinning and the love once shared shattered on the walls. He lumbered back on the bed and sat again on the edge. The hardest he could, he wept.

On the mornings that followed, Mark Daniel would no longer wake up with the one he loved right by his side.

T.H.E.    E.N.D.

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