A Tray of Fruits

On my way to school this morning, I happened to pass through the village market. Because of the children busying the streets, I slowed down my driving and reflexively, observed the scene. Like all public markets in the city, the place smelled of fish, meat, washed vegetables, and various stench. Along corners ran the mucky waters of the canal. From here to there, piles of garbage – plastics, peelings, discarded foodstuffs – sprawled on the ground. The loud music from different radios, the incessant hollering of vendors, the rumble of vehicles engines, and all other noise and sounds echoed through the air.

On the eastern section of the market stood the stalls selling different fruits – oranges (of several varieties), watermelon, banana, guava, and others I could not identify from my view point. But what really attracted much of my attention was a tray of fruits from a particular stall. The tray was placed in front of the fruit boxes and held the “best” fruits – the largest, the reddest (or greenest or most yellow or most orange), the smoothest, the least blemished and the most perfectly-shaped. What a pleasing sight! It was very inviting, making me want to reach out and take my pick. And anybody, based on the beauty of the presentation, will appreciate all the other fruits on display.

It reminded me of our talk last Sunday. The speaker, Tito Jimmy, shared his experience of how his gift of music has been developed, nurtured and used to glorify God. In a way, it was very inspiring. To see a man in his best potential makes you have more faith in life. I could not help but examine myself. Have I explored my talents or skills or gifts? How have I made use of them? Outside of myself, have I appreciated and made worth of the resources, no matter how few or abundant, that heavens had given me? Have they made me better?

I thought of all the people I cared or loved, of the people I knew, of the people who came and went out of my life, of the people I only saw on TV or read on the books or on the Net. Who are the fulfilled ones?

I was finally out of the busy street. But the image of the fruits remained inside my head. There are the boring fruits – fruit of less aroma or color or smoothness, just being piled up on the heap along with the others. Like people who do not dare rise above themselves, simply doing their day-to-day lives with vague contentment. There are the good-but-not-really-good fruits – fruits forced to ripen earlier, unnatural and tasteless. Like people who frustrate themselves with the things they lack or do not posses, simply acting different befitting roles or are weaving an ideal persona. And there are the good fruits…

Imagine a world of humans in their best selves. What a wonderful sight will it be!


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