The Article: Love of the Bully

.... Continued from The Article: The Affected One

William then write about Mary Jane whom he had a week-long affair when they were only thirteen.

….She dumped me for no good reason. She simply said, “Will, I am not interested with you any longer so let’s split up,” and then left. It drove me nuts for I was madly attracted to her. But I got even. I and my friends locked her in the men’s restroom….

William smiled to himself, remembering Mary Jane’s loathing of him after that. He looked up and stared straight at the incandescent bulb. Several tiny moths were encircling it. Bowing back his head, he resumed writing.

….When it comes to matters about the flesh, I’m not an innocent. I don’t need a girlfriend to experience life’s sweet little pleasures….

William paused, recalling his first kisses, his first embraces, his first plays, and then wondered about the significance of jotting them down. Nevertheless, he continued though pained from the thought of spending more time later editing his work.

….You see, I’m a typical bully. I’m damned…..

He paused again and gave out a loud sigh. This is it, he murmured.

….But no matter how damned I am, I still left my heart unprotected. No matter how strong I seem to be, I still couldn’t tame my weakness. And no matter how much I told myself that I don’t need “love” to enjoy life, I still cry each time I let “love” pass me by….

William stopped and sighed again. He suddenly became hesitant with what he was doing. As the night was waning, the breeze grew more nipping, his emotions got more confusing. To loosen himself up, he went back to the kitchen and extracted three cans of beer from the refrigerator.  He gulped one and took the two others with him to the porch.

Four months had already passed since he met her, but the memory of her face never receded from William’s mind. The angular face. Long straight hair. Pointed nose. Thin lips. Sad eyes. Those were the saddest William had ever seen, and which he longed to see again.

William whistled a happy tune, thinking thoroughly of the things he would write next. Sitting down, he took his pen again….

To be continued....

Image courtesy of  CBC News.


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