Two years ago, I wrote this funny piece about LOVE....

While the world’s excited preparing for the Valentine’s Day, here I am stuck with… WORK. LOL

It’s Saturday and I am supposed to be not working. But I spent the whole morning checking loads of paper (It pretty sucks, I’ve been doing this for a whole week already!). And right now, I am checking my mails, getting updates, and reading blogs. BLOGS! Everybody’s blogs seem to be about love. It’s kinda funny reading romantic lines. Oh, guess I should be sharing mine as well. LOL

LOVE! What is this thing? Well, I won’t be wrong if I say that when you hear the word ‘love”, you smile. And what comes to your mind right away may be… Flowers, maybe a single stem of red rose, or a bunch of white ones. Or a movie date… Or holding hands… Or music from the old guitar… Or simple afternoon walks…

For others, love brings hurt. Tears on the pillow… Or torn pictures… Or a walk in the rain… Or sad memories… Or a lonely seat… Hurt really comes with love; they always go together. Love never becomes deeper or more real without hurts. And the funny thing is that no matter how much hardship we’ve been through, the first thing that pops into our head when we talk about love is not the hurt at all. It is always happiness. It is always the joy out of love. Hurt only comes next.

And for many others, love seems nothing. Maybe just a game... Or a corny thing, and sometimes dreadful… Or may be the last, or not at all, the priority… Too busy with studies, or work, or with chasing dreams… Yet, no matter how much we tell ourselves that we don’t really need love, we would always end up yearning for it. No matter how much we fill ourselves with other things to deny love, we would always feel empty. No matter how much we run away from love, we would one day have to face it. Love will always find us; there are no dead ends. And when we finally embrace love, only then we realize that nothing beats the feeling of being loved and cared for.

So after all this words, what is then this funny little thing called “love”? Musicians, poets, movie actors, factory workers, ordinary people, we all have our personal definitions of it. Let me share mine… Whatever gives your eyes an extra sparkle, or whatever makes music sound extra sweeter, or whatever makes our lives extra beautiful… Whatever it is… It is love…..

Image courtesy of Santabanta.com.


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