The Article: A Changed Person

....Continued from The Article: Sad Eyes

William stopped and exhaled a long breath. Unknowingly, silent tears formed in his eyes.

….Yes, I know that I could be hurt over and over again….

Those words were the same thoughts William had as he watched the girl. Those were the same feelings he had then. But the heartache, it was no longer the same.

….At last, the bus arrived at the terminal. One by one, the people got off the bus; while me, I stayed for a while in my seat, still fighting and pondering. When I finally reached a decision, I jumped off my seat and out of the bus. I was excited and in panic. I looked for her, but she was gone. Only few minutes had passed so I searched around the terminal. But I never found her. I lost her….

William stopped. He grabbed his last can of beer; it was no longer icy. Though disgusted, he drank down the tart beer. William never forgot her even for a single day.

For the days that followed, he found it hard to sleep, wondering about her, dreaming of her. He found himself attending classes regularly, in the hope that she was only a schoolmate, that she was only a girl he missed to see around the campus. He found himself refraining from the foolish things he used to do, for the wish that his good deeds would all be rewarded. And when he finally got over the infatuation, he found himself a changed person.

….I know I sound crazy, being too emotional on an experience that commonly happens to everyone – being instantly attracted to a stranger. I may never know her, but she has touched something in me. And more importantly, she opened up my heart.

I guess I’m a better man now. Or should I say, I’m a truer man now. You see, I’ve come up with a write-up about love. Maybe by chance, she would read it. And maybe not. Maybe, it would be a way for me to see her again. And then maybe not. For sure, I’ve found an inspiration. If ever one day I see her again, I would summon all my guts, cross the bus aisle, and ask her: “Is this love I’m feeling for you?”….

William put down his pen and inhaled air for a long time. Finally, it’s finish, he thought and sighed.

He lingered for a while on the porch, overjoyed with his piece and whistling a happier tune. He watched the moths again. Now, he understood that like them, he was lured into something powerful and inevitable. It was natural and it came from the heart….

To be continued....

Image courtesy of ISDSI.


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