Alone: Never Again

....Continued from Alone: A Sad Past

“Time’s up!” Elias presently said, suddenly becoming aware of time. “We better go back.”

Reluctantly, the boy followed him back. But when they reached the bench, solid black under a lamp post, no Halie was there; it was as empty as they had left it. Elias, tired and nauseated from the rides, almost broke down if not for the presence of the smiling boy.

Be strong, he struggled saying to himself. She couldn’t hurt me, she loves me.

They sat down, and for a while, talked of their short adventure until the boy caught sight of something.

“What’s that pink thing the man is selling over there?” he said impatiently. “It looks delicious. I want to taste it. Please buy me some. Please….”

“That’s cotton candy,” Elias replied in exasperation. “Alright, I’ll buy some.”

He got up and went to the vendor. As he was returning, he observed that the boy was nowhere. However, he noticed a different figure hiding behind the thin post, with its back on him. For certain, it was a woman, and then his heart began to leap again. When it turned around and stepped into the light, Elias started, throwing away the candy, and ran up to it. It was Halie. Earnestly, he embraced her, longing for her warmth. But she did not return his embrace; she was only standing rigidly.

“What’s the problem?” Elias asked, almost imploringly. “Tell me.”

She stepped back from him and folded her arms around herself, as if chilling when the night breeze was parched. He stared at her, searching for her eyes, but she was facing sideways.

“Elias, it’s you,” she finally broke her silence. “You’re returning to your old self again.”

He did not understand her for his head had begun to ache. Then, remembering the boy, he said instead, “You saw him? The little boy here? He is great.”  

“Elias, there was no little boy. You were only imagining.” She paused and swallowed a lump in her throat, then resumed. “I’ve been here for quite a time. I stayed in the shadows and watched you. Elias, you were not with someone. You’re only talking with yourself all along. I don’t know who that boy was, whether it was you when you were still a kid or someone else. But Elias, you only made those things up.”

Elias felt his whole body quivered. He tried to suppress it as well as his tears that beckoned to well up.

“I observed the changes in you lately. I got so worried I tried to stay away for a while to think things over.”

Halie cried, and opening her arms, accepted Elias who shrunk in her bosom, weeping himself, too.

“I’m so sorry,” Halie said at last. “I never meant to scare you.”

“I was really afraid. I feared losing you, losing people again.”

“Hush. You know I won’t leave you.”

Absurd as she thought they looked, crying in a bright fare under a starry night, she kissed him full in the lips for Elias needed her, she needed him, and that need overpowered them.

“I had always been alone. When I found you, I found love, I found completeness. I am afraid to be alone again.”  

“I love you, Elias. Trust me you’ll never be alone anymore.”

Tears stopped as stars sparkled in their eyes.

T.H.E     E.N.D.

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