For Justice: The Parting

....Continued from For Justice: A Fateful Reunion

A loud explosion suddenly befell. The ground quaked. Everyone was thrown. Sand and earth rained.

“The armies are attacking,” Ka Andres screamed, his voice panicky.

The gun had slipped off Ka Julio’s hands. He fumbled for it but there were only stones and twigs around him. He widened his eyes and surveyed his surroundings. His comrades were crawling, tightly clutching their weapons. He sighted Harold tottering to get himself out of the zone. On impulse, Ka Julio went up to him, dragged him and hid themselves behind a large bush.

“Harold? You still remember me?” he said under his breath. Sitting up, he extracted a knife from the side pocket of his pants and hacked the ropes. “I’m sorry.”

“You almost killed me. But I know you wouldn’t do it.” Harold embraced him. While whispers of command echoed everywhere, they examined each other. The moment mellowed them both. As though they had read each other’s mind, they stood up. “They’ve come to help. Let’s get out of here.”

“I can’t. I’m staying.”

“What?” Their thoughts were different.

Gunfire cracked. Powder and smoke filled the air.

“Don’t worry. I’ll help you with the authorities.”

“You don’t understand. I don’t belong there.”

Ka Andres made a groan – macabre, plaintive and acute amidst the din of the salvoes. They were both startled.

“You heard that?” Ka Julio was now weeping. “I won’t run away. My people need me.”

“But you’re with the wrong people!”

“Wrong? Who’s right? That stupid government? For many years, my people have been crying for their rights. You know better than that! I am only serving my own blood.”

“We will fight for justice!” Harold yelled at him. “Have you forgotten that? Where’s justice in your fights?”

The immediate silence between them was filled in with another explosion.

“We look at justice with different eyes,” Ka Julio said gravely. “I must go now and fight my fight – this fight.”

They looked straight at each other’s eyes. “Goodbye, my friend!” Harold said.

He turned and ran to join the scenario.

Flabbergasted, Harold watched his friend leaving. There was something mournful in the air. He wanted to follow Julio; however, his body was too depleted to respond to his will. His head was aching that it would go with the next explosion. His muscles were numb. His eyes were heavy. Still, he kept sight of his friend until the darkness closed in around his silhouette.

The gunfire intensified. The following instant, he heard another groan, he heard Julio’s groan. It was macabre, plaintive and acute, much like Ka Andres’. His nerves quickened. Visions flashed. On the soft bed of grasses, Harold collapsed.

T.H.E.   E.N.D.

Image courtesy of The Prodigal Thought.


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